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botanical artist, author, creative director

Creative Director

The legacy of Dr. Allan Zavod OAM, DMus.

During the 30 years of her marriage to world-renown composer / pianist Dr. Allan Zavod OAM, DMus(Melb), Christine Zavod was both her husband’s muse and his creative director.

Christine used her artistic talents for Allan’s CD cover designs, brochures, posters and media releases.

The Environmental Symphony

Even after his death in 2016, Dr. Allan Zavod’s music legacy lives on, with Christine’s guidance, along with Rod & Brett Hardy as executive directors.  Allan’s last major Orchestral work “The Environmental Symphony” is still being performed around the world.  The most recent performance was a special concert featuring the “Environmental Symphony: The Movement”, on the theme of ‘The Frontlines of Climate Action’, and was held in the General Assembly Hall at United Nations Headquarters in New York on October 24th, 2023.

Promo Video, with Zavod, Branson & Finkel: (3:34min)

ABC CD Release of Symphony: performed by MSO; narrated by Sir Richard Branson (soundtrack playlist of the 5 movements).

Environmental Symphony performance begins at 45 minute mark of the UN Day Concert (Performed by The New York Orchestra Ensemble, with 5 different narrators, in sync with visuals).

A brain child of three inspirational leaders: Dr. Allan Zavod, Dr Alan Finkel and Sir Richard Branson collaborated together to create an Inspirational Live Event

“Dr. Alan Finkel and I got together, and we decided we should do something together. It really all started in a restaurant. We were talking about that we should do something about the environment. Then Alan just came out with ‘Carbon Dioxide, Methane on Mass, Billions of Bacteria, Making Oxygen Gas.’ Well, you can imagine what this does to me as a musician! What better way to deliver environmental awareness than through the Arts, through an adventure.” – DR. ALLAN ZAVOD (Composer)

This remarkable symphony, akin to masterpieces like ‘Carnival of the Animals’ and ‘Peter and the Wolf,’ incorporates five narrative roles with the addition of a mesmerising synchronised visual reel that supports the story as it unfolds.

Environmental Symphony melds classical and jazz principles with a story that embarks on an ambitious and grand journey spanning billions of years, from the planet’s formation to the present-day devastation, while also offering a glimmer of hope for the future.

Christine Zavod is interviewed on the ABC Breakfast Show with Vanessa Mills. She talks about her husband and his passion for music in general and specifically for his last major piece of work: the Environmental Symphony.  Listen to the interview:

“The Environmental Symphony cuts through the numbness by bringing a new medium to bear on this planet-threatening issue. The music, supported by the lyrics, stimulates a simultaneous emotional and intellectual response to the fundamental challenge of preserving our beautiful planet for our own and coming generations. The problem is real, the music cries.  The solution is within our grasp, it replies”. – DR. ALAN FINKEL (Narration Writer)


“The symphony goes from Creation through to the the Industrial Revolution, the Calm before the Storm to Global Warming, Final Warning.  Fittingly, we end on a positive note, calling for a Preservation Sensation in the coming months and years…”  – SIR RICHARD BRANSON (Narrator)


“Entertainment has the transformative power to shape minds, challenge perspectives, and ignite a revolution of change in the hearts of society.”  – BRETT HARDY (Executive Producer)

Detailed information of the Environmental Symphony can be found at these websites: Dr. Allan Zavod and Brett Hardy.

Music Lesson Series

In addition, Dr. Allan Zavod’s on-line music lesson series will become available in 2024.  Zak Zavod will be featured introducing his Father’s Music Lesson Series.

Competition AwardsAllan and Chris with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch who was the first patron of the Performance Award.

To honor his love of musical education, Christine has also been able to ensure the continuation of Allan’s  three Annual Student Awards, thanks to wonderful Patrons who value keeping Allan’s genius to the world and with Allan’s son Zak as one of the judges:  the Dr. Allan Zavod Composition Award with the University of Melbourne (patron: The Finkel Foundation); and the Dr. Allan Zavod Performers Award at Monash University (patron: Mr. Brendan O’Brien); and the Dr. Allan Zavod Jazz Prize at Brighton Grammar College (patron: Mr John Redhead). [Picture is of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch – the first patron of the Performance Award.]

CD Covers Designs

Christine used her artistic talents for Allan’s CD cover designs, as seen below:

Allan’s Muse

Christine was Allan’s muse, and gave him inspiration for some of his music. Allan wrote this song dedicated to his wife: “Christine Mon Amour”: